About the Owner

Karrie Emms, a product of Northern Ontario’s rich heritage and stunning landscapes, possesses an intrinsic connection to her roots, steeped in the essence of the north. Her lifelong immersion in Ontario’s picturesque towns bestowed upon her a profound understanding of hues, contours, and scenes that have served as the muse for countless artists.

Harnessing these inspirations, Ms. Emms utilizes art as a conduit for personal expression, blending conventional methodologies with contemporary culture, faith-based narratives, and the tapestry of current events. Her mission transcends the boundaries of communication and culture, resonating deeply with individuals navigating hardship and complexity in today's world.

As a single mother who homeschooled two remarkable children—now thriving adults—Ms. Emms drew inspiration from their inquisitive minds, fostering a fertile ground for artistic exploration. Simple inquiries, such as knights' armor crafting, evolved into a thriving family enterprise crafting chainmaille jewelry. Witnessing her children mature into skilled artisans—her son mastering glassblowing, blacksmithing, welding, and contributing to film sets, while her daughter excelled in gymnastics before pursuing studies in Kinesiology and honing her talent in natural light photography—further fueled her dedication to nurturing creativity.

However, tragedy struck on December 4th, 2021, reshaping Ms. Emms' world. A heinous incident mere blocks from her gallery claimed the life of her nephew, Nicholas Adam Kenneth Nicholls. Unaware of his involvement until later that fateful day, Nicholas’s legacy persisted through his selfless act of organ donation upon his passing on December 11, 2021. In the wake of this loss, Ms. Emms and her family navigate profound grief and legal proceedings while channeling their resilience into establishing an art center in Nicholas's honor—a sanctuary for nurturing young talents. Spearheading a speaker series and art exhibition titled "His Name Was Nick," she endeavors to weave his story into a tapestry of remembrance.

Leveraging a robust background in event planning, fundraising, and journalism, Ms. Emms stands as an ideal orchestrator for your next personal or corporate event, fundraiser, or workshop, infusing each endeavor with a personal touch and professional finesse.

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