Karrie Emms - Speaker

~"Created with Love and Sharing Beauty In the Darkness"~

Karrie Emms Speaks & Agape Designs

Karrie Emms is a professional speaker, facilitator and artist who owns Agape Designs, Co-Owns Gateway To the Arts Gallery and is the Executive Director of Nick's Place For Us in North Bay, Ontario. Ms. Emms specializes in many forms of art, workshops, talks and creative workshops with a wide range of focuses.  

At the beginning of the pandemic Ms. Emms and photographer, Dani Lynn Redgrift-Berthelot partnered to create Gateway To the Arts in downtown North Bay. With a 1300sq ft., main floor gallery and 1300sq. ft. lower level space the vision was to provide arts-based opportunities for Northern Ontario artists of all ages and career stages. The co-op officially opened November 21, 2020 and it hosted a gallery, workshop space, rental space and more with a new venture right next door.  The gallery has shifted focus from a co-operative to a full fledged gallery and event space.

Nick’s Place For Us is located in an adjacent storefront and is a full youth arts center with performing, literary and visual arts programming under one roof. Fundraising for renovations, programming and more are underway for the center being created in memory of Ms. Emms’ nephew Nicholas who was murdered in a brutal attack in North Bay. The target grand-opening is December 11, 2023, the one-year anniversary of his death though programming is currently running
while fundraising takes place. 

Opening during a global pandemic was risky but, stepping out in faith the founders are making it work. The gallery provides artists both experienced and emerging with a positive environment in which to learn and grow while interacting with each other and outside organizations and opportunities.  

Ms. Emms is an artist who uses many different mediums including, but not limited to, pen and ink, pencil, acrylic and watercolor paint, chainmaille, crochet and more. She offers workshops, art classes, special events, birthday parties, team building sessions and fundraisers made to order for any audience young or old. And she has recently begun to book speaking engagements centered on grief and the arts,  women in business and healing.  

Ms. Emms has 20+ years of speaking experience and is excited to begin sharing her knowledge with the public once again! Ms. Emms believes everyone has artistic ability and the need for self-expression but, no artistic experience is necessary to learn, grow and enjoy the process because, there are no rules when it comes to self-expression and creativity! 

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