Karrie Emms - Speaker

~"Created with Love and Sharing Beauty In the Darkness"~

Karrie Emms Speaks & Agape Designs

Karrie Emms is a distinguished professional speaker, facilitator, and artist at the helm of Agape Designs. As the owner of Agape Designs, Co-Owner of Gateway To the Arts Gallery, and the Executive Director of Nick's Place For Us in North Bay, Ontario, Ms. Emms offers a wealth of expertise across various artistic forms, workshops, talks, and creative sessions tailored to diverse focuses.

During the onset of the pandemic, Ms. Emms joined forces with acclaimed photographer Dani Lynn Redgrift-Berthelot to establish Gateway To the Arts in downtown North Bay. This visionary endeavor birthed a 1300-square-foot main floor gallery and an additional 1300-square-foot lower level space, intended to provide Northern Ontario artists, irrespective of age or career stage, with enriching arts-based opportunities. The co-op commenced operations on November 21, 2020, evolving from a cooperative into a thriving gallery and dynamic event space.

Adjacent to the gallery, Nick’s Place For Us stands as a comprehensive youth arts center, unifying performing, literary, and visual arts programs under one roof. Aiming to honor the memory of Ms. Emms' nephew Nicholas, tragically lost in a brutal North Bay attack, the center is undergoing fundraising efforts for renovations and programming. Anticipating a grand opening on December 11, 2023—marking the one-year anniversary of Nicholas's passing—programs are currently active while fundraising initiatives continue.

Despite the inherent risks of launching amid a global pandemic, the founders embarked on this journey with unwavering faith, crafting an environment within the gallery that fosters growth and collaboration among artists, from seasoned professionals to budding talents.

Ms. Emms' artistic repertoire spans diverse mediums, including pen and ink, pencil, acrylic and watercolor paints, chainmaille, crochet, and more. Her offerings encompass workshops, art classes, bespoke events, birthday parties, team-building sessions, and fundraisers, adaptable for audiences of all ages. Recent ventures have seen her venture into speaking engagements focusing on grief and the arts, women in business, and healing.

With over 20 years of speaking experience, Ms. Emms is eager to share her extensive knowledge once more. Her philosophy champions the belief that everyone possesses inherent artistic ability and a fundamental need for self-expression. Moreover, she emphasizes that no prior artistic experience is necessary to embark on a journey of learning, growth, and enjoyment, as there are no constraints in the realm of self-expression and creativity.

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